Location, Location, Location!

It has officially begun. Charlie and I have started the long winded task of finding a venue for the wedding. So far, we’ve visited 4 venues and have pros and cons about each one. I can’t believe how difficult it is!

Here are some details that we want for the wedding:
1. Lots of space (especially for dancing as most of our friends are dancers)
2. Fits 200 people
3. Versatile
4. Modern and unconventional
Is that a lot to ask? Probably. ;)

The first venue we visited was Pacific Electric Lofts. Let me just say, what a unique space! The building is truly a gem, being renovated and looking all fabulous. :) They showed us the 2 spaces available forĀ  use for events. The first was their penthouse suite.

The good: high ceilings, beautiful windows, nice view.
The not-so-good: the layout of the room was a bit weird, you can tell that it’s 2 loft apartments opened up to create 1 big space, it would be a tight squeeze for 200 guests, parking is not free, not many places to take pictures.

The second that they showed us was what they called their art gallery, they currently donate that space for the Downtown LA Artwalk that happens every month. Let me just say, Charlie and I thought it was a great space!

The good: open floor plan, customizable, high ceilings, VERY affordable.
The not-so-good: the only con we found was that because our wedding was so far in advance, they wouldn’t rent us the space. This was because they are hoping to rent it to a retail establishment as an ongoing renter. So, I’d have to wait a while to see if they are able to rent it out first. And parking is still not free.

Well, I’m not willing to wait. So, onto the next place!

Then we went to MOLAA in Long Beach. Charlie and I were art majors in college (graphic design) so anything to do with art is definitely something we appreciate and love. As you drive down the street, the building makes a nice bold statement. You can’t miss it.

The good: open floor plan, some nice areas to take pictures, contemporary space, they were very open to our unconventional ideas, great lighting options, customizable, nice outdoor area to use for cocktails, free parking.
The not-so-good: mediocre places to take pictures, surrounding area isn’t so great, the price for the rental was a little bit over our budget.

So, onto Celebrations by Turnip Rose. To be honest, this is one of the front-runners for us. This is Charlie’s favorite venue we’ve seen so far.

The good: beautiful interior design, great surrounding area, lighting and audio built in, contemporary/lounge feel, near the freeway exit, lots of options, free parking, spacious.
The not-so good: not as customizable, I don’t think our crazy ideas can be done here, the ceilings are low, though there are lots of options all of them are very costly, location is adjacent and connected to an office building.

The last one we’ve seen so far is Skirball Center. This is one of the front-runners as well. This one is my favorite so far. Yet again out of our budget, and to top it off, our date is already taken. :’( WHAT?!

The good: absolutely beautiful inside and out, lots of places to take pictures, free parking, near the freeway exit and easy to find, very spacious, customizable, some built in lighting, industrial/contemporary feel, lots of spaces to choose from, great ideas for grand entrance, design, etc.
The not-so-good: you have to pay to be a member, not available for our dateĀ  so we’d have to consider changing it, right off the 405 (but let’s be honest here, the 405 is horrible!)

We’ve still got a few more venues to visit, hopefully we’ll be able to peel away at our checklist for June and find a place by the end of the month!

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