Somehow, I Just Knew

It’s taken us 3 full months of venue searching all over Socal. But we’ve found our venue! Reception venue that is.

Let me stop you before you start thinking what I’m thinking. Reception venue first? You’re supposed to find the ceremony venue FIRST! I know, I know. I’m a wedding planner’s nightmare. But I knew that I wanted to set the tone for the entire event with the reception, and Charlie and I have found the perfect place.

I know Charlie and I were talking about other venues we’ve seen. Even after the last posts we did, we saw tons more locations that fit within out needs and wants. (Charlie’s post, and here’s my post.)

We’ve seen:
Pacific Electric Lofts – perfect look, weird layout
MOLAA – perfect look, not so great area
Celebrations by Turnip Rose – great area, too nightclub-y (I like to make up my own words)
Skirball Center – great area, great look, too ballroom-y (there it is again!), not available for our date
Annenberg Beach House – amazing view/scenery, would have to be outdoors on pool deck, no amplified music
Norris Center – nice area, affordable, too far from the freeway, too ballroom-y (yeah I did!)
Marvimon – very eclectic, different, lots of freedom, not in desireable area, too small
Smog Shoppe – very eclectic, different, lots of freedom, bigger than Marvimon but still too tight

All were great, but nothing quite hit the bill with what we were looking for. Nothing really screamed back at us and I was starting to lose hope a bit. I began thinking that we’d just have to settle. But there was one more place I kind of wanted to see, [seven-degrees]. As a wedding planner, I’ve known about this place for a while and knew it was beautiful, I just never had the opportunity to go see it. It was one of the first places that came to mind when we started searching. I had my coordinator contact them to get an idea of pricing and was immediately discouraged because of the numbers. I tucked them away in my pocket because of that fact. After we started to hit the end of the road with our venue search, I talked to Charlie and told him I knew we’d like this place. I knew we would. Only thing is, it’s far from us and my side of the family, and it’s out of our budget. He said to call anyway, and I’m so glad I did!

They were so welcoming when we spoke on the phone. I told them our budget ($30,000) for the entire wedding, and they didn’t laugh in my face and hang up. Mind you, that’s what was on the sample estimate they sent me for 100 people and we’re having at least double that amount. They said that they love working with people’s budgets and are flexible. I IMMEDIATELY FOUND HOPE.

When I walked up to the exterior I knew it was exactly what I was looking for.


It was everything we wanted. Tons of lighting options, that modern feel we’re looking for, an art gallery, plenty of space, great food, and completely customizable. We talked about it and decided that it was worth it. Drive and all. Plus, our family and friends from the valley were so supportive of having to drive all the way to the OC. Some of them might even make a weekend vacay out of it. :) Here’s a sneak peak of the potential. Don’t want to give too much away!

Source: KLK Photography

Source: All Made Up Team Website / Photo by: Caroline Tran

It’s official people! We’re getting married!!!!!

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