On your marks. Get set. GO!

As you may already know, we’ve found our venue! 7 Degrees in Laguna Beach, CA. Quite a drive for our family in the South Bay and a short journey for our family in the San Fernando Valley. Well worth the road time for this beautiful venue. Next up, the search for the perfect church.

A little information about 7 Degrees, from my perspective. Impeccably designed architecture makes this building stand out against those within the same area. The building’s modern look and use of raw industrial design pieces are a wonderful contrast against the organic mountain pass hillside. New age pop art showcased through the oversized windows at the art gallery further compliment the progressive style of  7 Degrees. As beautiful as the exterior is, that’s only a quarter of what brings 7 Degrees it’s charm. On the inside you’re immediately taken away by the open floor plan layout; fundamentally an art gallery. Really, this venue is a design/art nerd’s candy store!

The church. We’ve visited two within a short driving distance: St. Nicholas and St. John. St. Nicholas can be reached by side streets and St. John is just a short freeway drive away from 7 Degrees. I prefer St. Nicholas because I feel that its look better compliments the wedding‘s “look.” However, St. John being right in the middle of down town Irvine, it gives our guests something to do during the ceremony and reception downtime. This also gives us some stall time to take more pictures! It all boils down to which church will allow us to bring in our own Priest and Cantor.

Reception venue, church, crunching numbers, invitation lists, bridal party… it’s starting to become real. So much information that my head is constantly spinning. The planning already feels like it’ll be a loooooooooooooonnng endurance race. Just like a real race, there’ll be people who love and support us that will be waiting at the finish line. We’ve got a lot of people counting on us so we’re going to give it 110% from beginning to the end, vroom-room!

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