Don’t be a Flake

Charlie and I passed out some of our save the date cards at the engagement party to save on postage. We’re handing and sending the rest out after the new year so they won’t get jumbled up with the holiday cards.

We wanted them to be memorable. Not just memorable, but a taste of what people were going to experience. Just a little taste, like an amuse bouche of our wedding style. Especially for those that didn’t get to attend the engagement party. After Charlie and I brainstormed for months, we came up with an idea which led to this:

We wanted it to scream “us” and I think it did: modern, quirky, and bold. We got our all our paper products from Envelopments, and the printing turned out absolutely beautiful on the paper.

The process was a bit grueling, I’ll admit. But it’s because we procrastinated and chose not to work on them until the day before the party. Smart Kissa, smart…you know better! While we got through half, we decided that the rest can wait until after the party since we had so many left to do and half the guests wouldn’t even receive them until next year. Sooooo, here’s what awaits us in 2011.

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