Engagement Party, wha???

Yes, I’m a lagger. It’s been over a month since the engagement party?! Really though, are you sure?!
Time is flying by so fast, and I am being reminded by all the wedding newsletters how many days are left until our wedding. Thanks everyone for the constant reminder that I have yet to do anything for the wedding since last month. It feels like just yesterday I was getting sick and trying to prepare for the party all at the same time. Yay…fond memories…sense the enthusiasm?

But really, the engagement party was one of the most fun times of my life. It was definitely a precursor to the wedding and has set the tone for what’s to come next year. With only 332 days left until the big day (thanks to good ol’ Project Wedding for the reminder) we’ve got to get a move on! Well, not before reminiscing about the past of course.

“It was a beautiful day for an engagement party,” as my Bridesmaids would say. The weather was perfect, the sun was shining, there was a soft breeze, and everything was going according to schedule.

The location: My parents backyard
The food: Mexican food with a live cook making tacos, burritos, quesadillas to order.
The drinks: Margaritas, horchata, and melon juice
The mood: Cocktail style, semi-formal, garden setting
The guest count: 100 Give or take a few…actually probably give.
The budget: $1000 (wha???!!)

I had 2 amazing ladies helping me with the planning and the day-of the party: Debbie and Sarah. I wouldn’t have been able to have such an amazing time without these girls by my side. :)

Though I was feverish, breaking out with cold sweats, exhausted from lack of sleep from the days before, and not looking my best because I forgot my entire bag of make up at home somewhere I couldn’t recall, all went well. I couldn’t ask for a better day. Thanks to my experiences in the wedding business, I’ve come to learn that those small things don’t compare to what the day actually meant for me, Charlie, and our families and those insignificant things would never outweigh the wonderful time I had with everyone.

And the night didn’t end there! Our good friend Stephen (aka DJ Esco) from 4One Syndicate threw us a lovely engagement after party at Falcon immediately following. Thank you, Stephen, for having us! And for the 2 bottles of champagne! The venue, service, and atmosphere was wonderful!

Ahhh, what a weekend. It was definitely one for the books. Every time I think about it I can’t help but be excited for what’s to come!

So, I’m sure some people out there are wondering…did I hit budget? Actually, it came out to just a bit over. Not bad for 100 people eh? Here’s the breakdown:

Catering by El Taco Llama: $550
Margarita Machine with 2 flavors from Bouncing World: $150
Tables, Chairs, and Linens from Modern Party Rentals: $319
Flatware (faux silverware and china) from Moskatel’s: $170
Flowers from Downtown LA: $80 (I had vases left over from previous events)
Grand total: $1269.00

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