Eek! I Need Wedding Planning Momentum!

For the record, I have not done this much wedding planning since we’ve been engaged. Let’s just say as a Bride, I would make any wedding planner pull their hair out. I’m indecisive, I always look for others reinforcing approval, I love all different styles of design so I tend to “love” everything, and I lag…yes LAAAGGGGG! But HEY! At least I’m gaining some momentum now. :D I actually got things done on my January to do list.

So as we approach the month of Feb., I have to admit I’m getting a little stressed. Okay a lot stressed. OKAY, I’m a big ball of tears, insecurity, and tension. Between the house hunt/closing escrow, wedding planning, family gatherings, trying to keep in touch with friends, transitioning from the new year, and working, I think my mind was ready to explode.

Thing that stressed me out the most this month – dress shopping. I am VERY insecure with the way I look and didn’t think I’d need to be shopping for dresses. At least, not this soon. I was thinking I would have my dress made by a very talented friend of mine or buy off the rack. Well, I thought wrong. But more on this later. I’ve got to keep you guys coming back right?! :)

So, let’s take a look at what else I had to do:
Research party favors – CHECK! We know exactly what we want. Just waiting for responses from people. More on this later as well.
Purchase gifts for wedding party – Not done yet. Charlie knows what he is going to buy but I’m still trying to decide
Assemble Save the Date Cards – CHECK! Big hugs and thanks to Sarah of Daydreamer Event Planning for helping me get this done!
Update wedding website – Not quite yet. We’re still thinking about registry options.
Research wedding gowns – Yup, did this. More on this later.
Food tasting with [seven-degrees] – Semi-CHECK! Coming up in 2 days.

Woohoo! Feeling pretty productive. Good luck to everyone planning theirs as well!

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