NOT ‘The One’ Wedding Dress

Oh, the not-so-glorious story of my wedding dress…where do I even begin? Ok, let me just say I was not looking forward to trying dresses on. Not only because I am unhappy with my current physique but also because I hadn’t done any research, I wasn’t actually planning on buying a dress, and there was something about buying the wedding dress that made everything so concrete. Seeing a white (or not-so-white) dress on me, actually on me. It scared me. Yes, we’ve already booked a venue and other vendors and did a good amount of the planning but none of those things were put into action yet. None of those things have been personalized to fit us, none of the things we did up to this point were conceptually concrete. I haven’t seen any of these things with my own eyes. Charlie and I always talked about ideas, but not concrete. Well, trying on dresses was my first experience of how concrete it really is.

Well, when Charlie proposed I initially thought I wanted to have my dress made. My lovely, and very talented friend, Cheryl Koo was going to make the dress for me. While she was out of the country for the holidays I told her I’d go to a few shops to try on dresses so I can see what cuts I felt looked flattering.

On my checklist, I wanted:
1. To make a statement.
2. Something that matched my style and personality.
3. …not too much beading or lace.
4. Simplicity and sophistication.

First stop was David’s Bridal, my old job. I knew this was a great place to try stuff on. They have a huge variety of dresses and they were literally blocks from home. They had a dress that I thought was “the One” (check our the last image on the post). But nope…I changed my mind.

Second stop, I went to a bridal salon in LA that my aunt went to when she got married. I hadn’t been there since I was 9 because I was getting fitted for my flower girl dress. My aunt told me to just go and see if I would find anything that I liked. After trying on dress after dress, I had found 2 dresses that I thought could be “the One.” Both completely different, I opted for dress A. We placed an order for the gown, paid for the dress and walked out. The next day, my mom called and said she was concerned about my decision. So we went back to the store to try on both dresses again. I was absolutely HORRIFIED and embarrassed. Low and behold, I changed my mind! Ugh, I am so lucky that the store let me change my order to dress B. After trying them both on and really thinking hard about it, I know dress B is “the One.” I’m not showing it until the wedding day, obviously! Can’t let Charlie see that dress til our first look. BUT! Here are some of the dresses that didn’t end up being “the One.”

That last dress almost ended up being my dress. But something in my heart told me to keep searching, and I’m so glad I did. This was such an experience for me, both good and bad. I felt so many emotions during this process and it’s only the beginning. I still think about dress A and B every single day. In the end, I think I made the right decision for me. Sheesh, any other brides go through this wedding gown rollercoaster?

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  1. Posted February 10, 2011 at 10:21 pm | Permalink

    I LOVE THE LAST ONE, and it is a very flattering pick for you. So I bet the one you picked, which is better, looks AMAZING!

  2. Kissa
    Posted February 15, 2011 at 4:21 pm | Permalink

    Thanks Elizabeth! It means a lot. I can’t wait until the dress comes in!!!!

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