Bridesmaids Dresses for under $12, Yeah I Said It!

I haven’t been a bridesmaid too many times. But I have worked at a bridal store and I’ll just come right out and say it. BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES ARE SO EXPENSIVE!

For a dress that you’re only going to wear once at someone else’s wedding, why spend over $100 for it?! Until now, I was one of those “lets-go-to-downtown-LA-and-get-a-cheap-dress” kind of girl. I suppose I still am. But I’ve been on the hunt for a specific type of dress for my girls that meet certain criteria.

1. The dress is no more than $50.
2. The dress is something they can wear again (or at least I would wear again).
3. The dress had to be teal/turquoise but NOT a bright/electric blue. Plan B was to get chocolate brown dresses, but I didn’t really want to go that route.
4. The dress had to fit with the look and feel of the wedding.
5. I didn’t want all the girls to look the same. I love each of them for their personality that makes them unique so I wanted the dresses to be an extension of that.

Needless to say, even just at criteria #1 I was in for a challenge. I started looking REALLY early. I looked at the Le Sac dress from American Apparel. This was actually my first pick. Had one of the girls try it on and it was too casual. Not to mention it didn’t come in turquoise.  I looked at some dresses from Express. Too expensive. I looked into the Twist Wrap Dress from The Dessy Group. Too expensive and too “wedding-y.” I looked at H&M. Nothing in turquoise/teal. I was starting to think Downtown LA was going to end up being my best bet. Finally, I looked at Forever 21. And bingo! It shot out to me. It was like it was meant to be. The color was perfect, the style was modern, elegant, and simple. And the BEST part, it was only $11.50!

Source: Forever 21

Honestly, it was such a great deal I had to pick one up for myself :P The dress met almost all the criteria. It was definitely well below $50, it could be something they could wear again since it’s so simple and is at a cocktail dress height, color is obvious, and it fit well with the tone of the wedding. But all the girls will look the same. So I’ve decided that I want to give them the option to dress it up a little bit with some great accessories. But not just jewelry and sures, I’m talking make the dress their own in subtle ways.

A pin.


A lace or satin sash for a belt.



Or not at all. The sky’s the limit! All in all, the dress might not suit everyone’s wedding. But it fits ours perfectly. And the best thing is that if they don’t ever want to wear it again they only wasted about $12 on it! :P

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