The Groom’s shoes: Swag + Comfort

Today I’m buying my shoes for the wedding! Since our wedding is a little on the trendy/casual side Kissa let me wear sneak’s for the day. Trying my best to stray from the cliché “young couple” wedding, of course I had to find a pair of sneak’s that are more original than Chuck Taylors ™but not so far off the status quo that I can’t bare to look back at my wedding pictures 10 years from now. Timeless is the goal and I think I’ve found the right pair.

If I’m going to be on my feet 98% of the wedding day then comfort definitely comes first and aesthetics second. Shiekh Shoes® sells a pair of Adidas® that I’ve had my eyes set on for a long time. I wanted a pair for everyday use but it’s such a great shoe that I feel that there’s no other shoe that can fulfill “wedding day duties “ like this pair can. Although It’s a casual shoe it’s a really fresh mid-top in teal/turquoise patent-leather with an ankle strap and a white sole… perfection!

I haven’t bought it yet because I’ve been waiting for it to go on sale or get a Shiekh® coupon in the mail or something, frugality is best! No luck so far and I’ve been waiting for well over 4 months! I’ll just bit the figurative bullet and pay full price – though it pains my wallet. It’s best that I get the shoes I want then to keep waiting and let the shoes get discontinued.

Now if you’ll excuse me I think I’ll gather my belongings, smash my piggy bank, and fish for coins in my couch cushions so that I can make my footwear investment. It’s a beautiful and sunny 80-degree day in the San Fernando Valley so I’m going to hop on my single speed and pedal my butt to the mall. Thanks for the read :)

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