I’ve ¬†been looking for inspiration pictures for every.possible.thing. when it comes to the wedding. What can I say, visuals give me ideas! Up until now, everything that we had for decor had been a theory or a pending idea. Well, at 88 days left we don’t have time for theories. It’s time for concrete ideas, people! I’ve had some inspiration images for our centerpieces based on our criteria:

1. Something simple, minimalist, and not too “goddy.”
2. Modern, clean lines.
3. Mostly white.
4. Something that still says “us”
5. Something out of the ordinary vase with flowers on top. We want unique!

So I scoured the internet, blog after blog, image after image…looking for something that would catch my eye, but nothing quite fit the bill. Here are some of my inspirations though.

Source: Project Wedding

Source: Brooklyn Bride

Source: The French Bouquet

Source: Studio Stems Blog

But we finally came up with an idea that we like based on the inspiration photos we found. It’s definitely something unique and represents us. On the 22nd we have our design meeting with [seven-degrees] and will be seeing our table scape for the first time. I’m so excited to see how everything is coming together! There will definitely some refinement and changes here and there, but I’m feeling more and more prepared as the days go by!

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