It’s Almost Here! Are you ready?

“It’s almost here! Are you ready?”

I get that phrase A LOT. With 31 days left until the wedding, Charlie and I honestly couldn’t be more ready. Is this possible? Isn’t there still so much to plan, so much to do, so much to consider? Yeah…there is. Too much to even comprehend. But really, Charlie and I are so ready. We’re ready to be married. I’m ready to be his wife and he’s ready to be my husband. We’ve been waiting for this day to come!

It’s funny because we have countless conversations about all our plans for the future, post-wedding. We don’t really talk too much about the wedding anymore except when we have to talk about final touches, logistics, etc.

We know how important this day is for us and we can’t be happier that the day is finally arriving. We’re going to take in every waking moment of the wedding day and cherishing it! But we’re even more happy that we’re finally going to be married, we’re finally going to be husband and wife. The possibilities for us are now endless because we’re finally together. It’s going to be an amazing stepping stone for what’s to come in our future.

So back to the question, am I ready? Well I suppose there’s 2 parts to that answer: for the wedding day, no lol. Absolutely not. We’re probably going to be working on things and taking care of tiny details up until the day before, and that’s to be expected. Am I ready to be married, you ask? Absolutely and whole-heartedly.

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