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The Big Question

After a long weekend of venue shopping i’ve come to the realization that this wedding is going to happen. It’s more “real” than I had originally perceived, if that makes any sense. It does to me. When you’re in my shoes you’ll understand. I hope.. Probably. Rambling, much? Yes. I call it anxiety :X

Before the idea of this blog someone had to pop the “Big Question.” Here’s how my unconventional proposal went down. Read More »

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It’s Ready!

FINALLY!.. felt like the blog wouldn’t be ready till after the wedding. Ha, just kidding! I had complete faith in Kissa and knew that she would get the blog live in no time. She worked very hard and pulled extra hours to get us this far. There will be more design and layout revisions as we progress but I need to let the poor girl take a break.  Stay tuned, yo!

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