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Our First Dance Song – So Many to Choose From! Yeah!! :)

Charlie and I, needless to say, are in LOVE with music. As dancers, it’s the sound of our soul while dance is the movement that represents it. The down beat, the snare, the pattern of beats, the melody, the lyrics…how it makes dancers move is just beautiful. BEA.U.TI.FUL. When it’s done as a duet or group…don’t even get me started! The way the music has them move as a unit, it’s a God given gift to be able to experience that.

So, this first dance idea as husband and wife – we want it to mean something. We wanted to share with our guests the gratitude, emotions, thoughts, feelings, and most importantly – the love – we feel.

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NOT ‘The One’ Wedding Dress

Oh, the not-so-glorious story of my wedding dress…where do I even begin? Ok, let me just say I was not looking forward to trying dresses on. Not only because I am unhappy with my current physique but also because I hadn’t done any research, I wasn’t actually planning on buying a dress, and there was something about buying the wedding dress that made everything so concrete. Seeing a white (or not-so-white) dress on me, actually on me. It scared me. Read More »

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Eek! I Need Wedding Planning Momentum!

For the record, I have not done this much wedding planning since we’ve been engaged. Let’s just say as a Bride, I would make any wedding planner pull their hair out. I’m indecisive, I always look for others reinforcing approval, I love all different styles of design so I tend to “love” everything, and I lag…yes LAAAGGGGG! But HEY! At least I’m gaining some momentum now. :D I actually got things done on my January to do list. Read More »

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Our Laguna Beach Wedding – Only 10 months left!

I got a text from a close friend last night and it said “I’m not trying to scare you guys but you’re getting married this year!…” Reality just dropped like an anvil. It is this year. Charlie and I decided we NEED to take it one step at a time.

Step 1: Finalize ceremony location. CHECK.
Charlie and I went to go look at a beautiful park before the end of 2010 at Dana Point where we have decided to hold our ceremony: Heritage Park. On a beautiful hill overlooking the ocean, I can’t help but feel free, with the Lord, and at peace in that beautiful place.

Step 2: Officially book our photographer. CHECK
We’ve known and worked with Ja Tecson in the past and we think he’s an amazing photographer. He has an keen eye, great composition, and he’s a natural. We finally signed our contract and deposit and will be working with him for our wedding and lifestyle shoot. Charlie and I are SO excited for this!

Step 3: Re-organize to do lists and move wedding binder onto iPad (more on this later).

So here is what is on the rest of our January to do list.

  • Research party favors
  • Purchase gifts for wedding attendants
  • Assemble Save the Date Cards
  • Update wedding website
  • Research wedding gowns
  • Food tasting with [seven-degrees]

2011 is here! Let’s start planning!

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Don’t be a Flake

Charlie and I passed out some of our save the date cards at the engagement party to save on postage. We’re handing and sending the rest out after the new year so they won’t get jumbled up with the holiday cards.

We wanted them to be memorable. Not just memorable, but a taste of what people were going to experience. Just a little taste, like an amuse bouche of our wedding style. Read More »

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