Please read below to see the hotel information we have collected for our guests. The rate is the average nightly rate, and could vary, based on the time of booking. Please note that these rates do not include taxes/fees.

These hotels are in and around Orange County. We tried to find options based on location and rate.

1. Double Tree Hilton Irvine (949) 471-8888
Average rate per night: $99.99/night

2. Courtyard Laguna Hills (949) 859-5500
Average rate per night: $109/night
or $104/night (with AAA)

3. Ayres Laguna Woods (949) 588-0131 (mention you’re attending our wedding at [seven-degrees]. If you have any issues, please contact our wedding coordinator, Sarah, at
Average rate per night: $109/night

4. Marriot Laguna Cliffs (888) 476-2405
Average rate per night: $339/night