The Engagement

His version:

Before the idea of this blog someone had to pop the “Big Question.” Here’s how my unconventional proposal went down. In April of 2004 Kissa and I had just started going out. The relationship was new, the feelings were new, the experience [at least it was for me, anyway] were all new. New, new, NEW! 12 days into our new relationship we were hanging out at Kissa’s house. We were both lying down with F.R.I.E.N.D.S. playing in the background. Neither of us were paying attention; just kind of staring at each other with curious looks in our faces. Without a second thought I told her that moments like these should last forever. She agreed! I told her that I love her and that when the time is right I would marry her. Remember, 12 days into the relationship, GASP! Her eyes lit up and it was as if time stopped. My heart stopped. It had been almost 5 seconds and she hadn’t said a word. She leaned in and kissed me and told me how happy she was and how much she loved me.. EXHALE, lol. No ring, just a declaration of my love and a promise.

5 years later I found ourselves in the same situation. Hanging out in our apartment with F.R.I.E.N.D.S. playing in the background (we love that show!). Kissa had started to fall asleep so I had summoned up all my courage to wake her up and ask for her undivided attention. It had been a really long day so the best I got out of her was a “MmmHmm.. what is it?” Eyes still closed, haha! I reminded her of the promise I made and her back in 2004 and eyes popped open as if she had already known what was coming up next.. Palms sweaty, heart thumping, and voice cracking I managed to say, “I want to remake that promise but this time I’m a little more prepared.” I pull the most perfect little royal-blue box out of hiding and hand it to her. Already crying she takes the box from my hand and gives me a kiss. I remember she struggled to get the ring out amidst all her excitement. In her defense, it was double boxed; one outer box with a ribbon tied on top and a second inside with her beautiful ring waiting for the right moment to present itself.

When Kissa had finally seen the ring I’ll never forget that moment. A million Christmas mornings couldn’t recreate the look on her face. With the brightest smile and tears flowing down her rosy cheeks she puts the ring aside and hugs me for what felt like an eternity. She finally let go and I asked her to put the ring on already! It fit perfect!! She bounced around screaming for a moment (uhmm, weren’t you half asleep a minute ago? lol) then we hugged some more and sealed the night with a kiss. Mind you, I never did get to ask her to marry me. We both knew what the question was and both knew the answer.. a mutual understanding without an exchange of words. It has always been that way and it still is. It was our perfect “unconventional” engagement :)

Her version:

Let’s be straight forward here – I knew it was coming. I didn’t know when he was going to do it but I knew he was going to propose soon. All the signs were showing, he tried to be sneaky and lie about where he was when he was shopping for my ring, he talked to my parents and afterward my mom came out of crying and hugged me. That’s when I started feeling the butterflies.

We’ve been dating for 6 years, and I’ve known that I wanted to marry Charlie for a long time. We have our differences, but for the most part we see the world in the same way. I support him, he supports me..PERIOD. Sometimes we don’t understand each others’ decisions, likes, or dislikes, but we understand that both of us don’t have to agree on everything. It’s the respect of support and understanding that I love about our relationship.

April 24, 2010 is when it all happened. We had been hanging out with friends that night and I was ready to knock out. After all, I had a long day at Ninong’s ahead of me. I was so close to falling asleep, actually, I was half asleep already, when Charlie wouldn’t stop talking! Since I was half asleep, here’s my recollection of what happened:

Him: “Remember when we first started dating and I told you I wanted to marry you?”

Me: “Mmhmm…(ZzzzZzzz…)”

Him: “Well, I meant it when I said it then, and this time I’m more prepared to ask you that same question.”

Me: Eyes popped WIDE open, I sat up so quickly I felt like everything else was like slow motion around me. Obviously, being the softy that I am, I immediately started crying.

He pulled a blue box (my favorite color) out from the side of the bed, tied with a white ribbon. He handed it to me and asked me to open it. As I whispered, “Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God…” over and over and over again (mind you, with tears still falling) and with some help from Charlie since I was so overwhelmingly happy, I opened the box. And there it sat, my ring.

I immediately hugged him with all my might, wet tears smearing on his cheek and dripping down my cheek to his shirt. All he needed to know was that I loved him as much as he loved me, I know he knows it. His gesture and the ring showed me that. Now it’s my turn to prove for a lifetime with my gestures and love that I love him just the same.